We are a family That strives to create outstanding, small batch wines using Michigan grown grapes.  Wines will be presented in many settings with personalized service designed to fulfill your desires.


     Cogdal Vineyard Wines are our signature wines.  We apply superb wine making skills to both estate grown and selectively sourced grapes to meet your expectations. 

     Little Man Wines are a collection of fun and eclectic wines bound to satisfy all of your tastes.  These wines are bold and audacious and dare you to try them.


     Every month we designate a charity to receive $.25 of every bottle sold.

    October and November are Hospice support month. We support both Hospice at Home and Wings of Hope Hope Hospice

Tasting Room Hours

Takeout and Curbside Only


2005 - 2017

Now open for takeout and curbside only.

Regular hours will be Noon to 4 on Saturday and Sunday (other pickup times available by appointment).

This change helps protect our employees and customers and supports the current Covid-19 guidelines in preventing the spread of the virus

Take Advantage of our Current Wine Specials!!

Holiday Special for all takeout and curbside orders

1-11 bottles: 20%

12 bottles: 25%

24+ bottles: 30%

Holiday Special for online orders

10% on any wine purchase

plus shipping discounts

We all love food with wine and we have the luxury of having Judy Ciesla work at the winery. She has created 'Judy's Corner' to share with you our wine and her delicious food selections

Welcome to our winery.  Please enjoy our new tasting room and vineyard.  This is just the beginning of our vision to provide you with the wines you desire in a  setting you will  enjoy.  We hope you can visit us often to be part of the  changes we have planned.



                                 Jack and Deb